System Integrity & Performance Plans

Showcase Lighting Provides System Integrity & Performance Plans for Both Commercial Business & Residential Home Owners in Plymouth, MN& Surrounding Communities & Counties in Minnesota.
Showcase Lighting Promotes the Five Keys to Successful Maintenance of Lighting Displays for Residential & Commercial Customers Located in Plymouth, MN

Having a Nite Time Décor architectural and landscape lighting system installed ensures you got a lighting system of superior quality and design that, if cared for properly, will bring years of beauty and enjoyment to your life!

Most everything you have requires maintenance – your health, your automobile, your home…even your watch.  Your Nite Time Décor lighting system is no different.  Over time, lamps will burn out, lenses get dirty, fixtures require routine preservation, connections will need to be checked, and transformers will require tuning.  Plus, changes will need to be made based on the continued maturity & growth of your landscaping.

Many of these issues require the attention of a landscape lighting professional – and if they go unchecked, the results could have adverse effects on the aesthetics and the technical integrity of your system.

That is why we offer our SIPP (System Integrity and Performance Plan).  Once per year, we will inspect your system and perform regular duties to ensure it stays at peak performance.  Some of what we do includes:

Showcase Lighting Reminds Business & Homeowner Customers the Importance of Ensuring Proper Voltage & Amperage Operating Ranges for Lighting Systems in Plymouth MN

*Voltage & Aperage tests are conducted to ensure maximum lamp life, sonsistent lighting at each fixture, and can help diagnose problems within the structure of the system.

Showcase Lighting Educates Business & Homeowner Customers the Importance of Checking Automated Lighting Controlled Mechanisms in Plymouth MN

*Timers, Photocells, & Controls should be checked, connections inspected, and unit cleaned for proper upkeep.

Showcase Lighting Emphasizes the Importance of Routine Maintenance & Cleaning of Fixture for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Plymouth Minnesota Communities - MN

*Fixture Adjustment & Maintenance services are included to clean, properly lubricate, and remove obstructions from your fixtures to keep the lights shining bright and the fixtures in tip top shape. Our maintenance technicians will perform a full 20 point inspection on your unit.

Showcase Lighting Performs Routine Design Adjustments to Fixtures for Outdoor Landscape Lighting innPlymouth Minnesota Communities - MN

*Design Adjustments & Additions will be conducted to account for the ever-changing landscape of your property.  In some cases, fixtures may need to be added – and if the need arises, you will be notified by your Showcase Lighting representative.

Showcase Lighting Inspection of Transformers, Connections, & Lugs is Important in Maintaining Good Infrastructure of Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Plymouth Minnesota Communities - MN

*Infrastructure Reviews & Preservation involves checking connections and layout of your entire system.  This is to keep up the aesthetic of the unit as well as to ensure full warranty on defects

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