Design Elements

Showcase Lighting Custom Designs Exterior Lighting Display Elements - Plymouth, Minnesota- Mn

Every house, commercial property, and landscape comes with its own unique set of design intricacies. Showcase Lighting’s design professionals are equipped with the knowledge, training, and products to tackle each property’s individual lighting design.
Many large box store retailers will offer cheap, pre-planned home lighting systems. These may fit some homes, but fail to provide the quality and design options that a custom lighting system can provide. Our designers will use a wide variety of lighting techniques to give your home the unique style you seek.

Wash Lighting

Showcase Lighting Creates Washing Lighting Effects for Both Residential & Commercial Customers


This method uses a wide spread of light to evenly illuminate a surface or structure.  This is great for bringing out the unique characteristics of a wall, landscaping, or sign.

 Up Lighting

Showcase Lighting Uses Up Lighting Effects for Residential & C ommerical Clients

By strategically placing light sources, we can create unique focal point or cast areas with light while creating dramatic effects on any surface.


Path/Area Lighting

Showcase Lighting Illuminates Walkway Pathways for Residential & Commercial Clients

We offer a variety of high quality fixtures to create a low-level light source that is perfect for lighting pathways, flower beds, and ground cover. This method is great to pull out the natural colors of your landscaping at night.

Down Lighting

Showcase Lighting Uses Down Lighting for Walkways & Pathways

Using this method of bringing the light source high above the intended target, we can cast light over a large space; highlighting flowerbeds, open areas, or play areas. Specialized moon lighting is also used to create amazing shadow patterns with subtle natural affect.

Ambient Lighting

Showcase Lighting Offers Ambient Lighting for Safety & Security

Brings a comfortable level of light to an overall area. This is perfect to set the mood for entertainment around decks, patios, or pools.

Accent Lighting

Showcase Lighting Offers Accent Lighting to Highlight Architecture

With accent lighting, we’re able to highlight the most unique and beautiful aspects of your home and landscape.  Whether a dormer, fountain, or specialized architectural feature we provide the correct products and design to bring these features to light at night.

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